Big Dutch Baby

I’m not sure why this is called a Dutch Baby. I have had this recipe for years and love how special it looks and how you can put just about anything inside it; whatever fruit you have on hand, or just a squeeze of lemon juice and a dusting of powdered sugar. The recipe below has three different sizes to choose from. Each one serves about as many people as the eggs called for in that size. 


pan size                 butter            eggs                milk & flour

2-3 qt.                    1/4 C.            3                    3/4 C. ea.

3-4 qt.                    1/3 C.             4                    1 C. ea.

4-4-1/2 qt.            1/2 C.             5                    1-1/4 C. ea.

4-1/2-5 qt.             1/2 C.             6                    1 -1/2 C. ea.

In 450° oven, melt butter in oven proof frying pan. Beat eggs; grad. add milk and flour. Remove pan from oven, pour in batter, bake until puffy and well browned (20-25 min.). Dust with ground nutmeg, cut into wedges and serve plain or with powdered sugar and lemon juice, or fresh fruit, or yogurt, or maple syrup, honey or fruit preserves.

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