Breakfast Burritos


makes 24

1 lb. turkey sausage or ground turkey with homemade seasoning, cooked and drained

12 eggs

salt pepper

2 Tbs. butter

chopped onions

1/2  C. chunky salsa

2 C. shredded cheese

24 whole wheat flour tortillas

In large skillet, melt butter, beat eggs, salt and pepper in bowl then add to skillet. Scramble eggs then add cooked turkey. Mix gently. 

Warm tortillas as directed on package. Place about 1/2  cup egg mixture onto each tortilla and sprinkle with some cheese. 

Roll into a burrito. Freeze on a cookie sheet, then wrap in paper towel and plastic wrap then seal in freezer bags. 

When ready to eat, unwrap plastic and microwave 1-3 minutes until hot and cheese is melted. Or thaw overnight in the refrigerator wrap each burrito in foil 

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