An Invitation

You are Invited

to tea

with me.

Any Monday Night

7:00- ?

Please RSVP

This is an open invitation. I only need a few days notice. We will enjoy hot tea, a delightful bite of something, and hours of laughter and uplifting conversation. If possible, I will decorate with flowers from my garden and we will sit across the table from each other and catch up on days gone by as well as discuss everything important to us in the world. I will be delighted to set up my new tea cart for our tea time. 

We will use the remnants of my wedding china and antique linens stitched by my great grandmother.

My personal chef will make something amazing to tempt us.

And then he will offer to give you a back scratch, which always comes with many hugs and kisses. This will continue until you beg for mercy.

The rest of the children will do something quiet and obedient upstairs. 

I have saved a spot for you. Do come soon.



© Being Fruitful, 2012