An Outing In Spite of Scouting

The main reason I volunteered to be on the social committee for our Sunday School class is because I wanted to do what I could to schedule around Mike’s scouting outings, so we could actually spend time with with grown ups, too. The committee planned a ladies trip to a tea room, which conveniently had shopping options nearby. Several dates were suggested and I double checked to make sure none of them conflicted with scouts. All looked good. We set the date and made reservations. I told Mike how much I was looking forward to this trip and he got a horrified expression. Apparently, the camping date had changed and he had not given me notice. I was sorely disappointed, but before I could even pout, he declared, “You are going on this trip. I will find a way!” Have I mentioned how much I love Mike? I love his mom, too. She cheerfully came down and spent two nights so I could have tea with my friends while she watched the five youngsters. And it is not like she didn’t know what she was getting into, only this time she would not have David and Paul to help out with chores. 

I had time to help Grace and Jonathan whip up some crepes for breakfast before I had to run out the door. I left Grandma sitting on the sofa reading to the tiniest tots. As I closed the gate Chance stood on the other side, where I am told he waited for me to come back for quite some time.

Since I have the big bus, I offered to drive. Almost as soon as I got to the parking lot where we all agreed to meet, Grace called me on my cell phone, distressed and unable to turn off the sprinkler, which I had tasked her to do as I drove away. Had she asked Grandma for help? Umm, why not? Our destination was two hours north and we arrived without drama. As we sat down to eat, Victoria called me and asked, “Should Ethan take a nap, since he was whining?” Really. What did Grandma think? And why not ask her first next time? Someone suggested I temporarily change my name and my phone number. It was tempting. 

We ate without further incident and then wandered around town for awhile looking for Christmas gifts or anything irresistible, but it was mostly touristy clutter. Even the nearby antique mall was less exciting than a trip to Goodwill, though I did find a piece of china that matches my discontinued set.

We headed home and our stomachs rumbled. Cristina suggested we go to a Thai restaurant she knew of. Anon, who is from Thailand, seconded that. Then the other ladies began saying things like, “Oh, I don’t know. I feel guilty for being out all day and having fun. I miss my family. I really should head home.” Anon stated, “I am not going home. As soon as I walk in they are going to say, ‘What is for dinner’, and I will have to cook and wash dishes.” There was a brief silence while the truth sunk in. Then everyone agreed that, as we don’t get to do this very often, we should really make the most of it and have dinner together at a nice restaurant. A few of them actually called home to make sure no one was suffering from malnourishment, but when they discovered there were pizzas in the freezer, they resolved not to share that fate. 

So we ended up at a lovely Thai restaurant where the waitresses wear their native costume. I wish I had brought my camera inside. I took a picture of my food with my cell phone, but it does not do the dish justice. I ordered the “Amazing”. It is chicken in peanut sauce with broccoli and, of course, rice and jasmine tea. It was garnished with a carrot nest and an orchid. For less than $12.00 I do not feel guilty at all. 

About 16 ladies went on the outing, but only seven of us drove back together. We did not know each other very well before this trip and were delighted to hear each other’s stories and realize we represented five different nationalities: Thai, Fillipino, Cuban, Columbian, and three Americans. We talked a lot about food and organized an upcoming social which will be an international pot luck. Maybe we will call it Taste &Tell. 

Meanwhile, back at the cottage, Grandma and Chance were waiting up for me when I came in around 10:30. Chance assumed I had run away and was overjoyed to have me home again. He nuzzled my leg, put his paws on my lap, and kissed me on the mouth before I could take cover. When we went upstairs he jumped up on my bed and was still there after I took my shower. He stayed there all night, as if he was not going to let me get away again. There is no way I will ever give him my cell phone number. 

© Being Fruitful, 2012