Before Thanksgiving

We are taking this whole week off of school so we can enjoy preparing for Thanksgiving. My plans for the week involve cooking for the feast on Thursday, doing a few simple activities with the youngsters, and yard work. We have turtles to catch and relocate, wood to stack, beans to pick, and more. My children think baking is the most fun, since they each get to help with one Thanksgiving dish. 

Here is our cooking schedule:

Monday- bread

Tuesday-cranberry sauce and dessert

Wednesday- side dishes

Thursday- turkey and fruit salad

Friday- turkey soup

I posted a few sweet potato recipes, including our favorite for Thanksgiving, over on the kitchen pages. 

This morning we made tortilla teepees like we have for the last nine years. I was surprised that David and Paul still wanted to, but I suppose traditions have no age limitations!

Only Yesterday-

Today- (I bought smaller tortillas this year)

Ethan helped make the rolls today. This recipe for Brioche was especially suitable for a small assistant. He rolled the little pieces of dough and attached them to my bigger piece of dough. He also could have brushed them with melted butter after baking, but he had run off to take care of other business by then. 

We have already made two kinds of cookies for Thanksgiving. First we made our old favorite sugar cookie recipe cut into Mayflowers, Pilgrims, and Indians. Then we tried a new recipe for fall leaf cookies in which we tinted portions of dough in fall colors and then rolled them out next to each other and cut them out for a marbled effect. We have had some special tea times, with holiday treats, several times this month. Once we finished up our school day and had a tea party at the same time. It was so distracting, it was hard to actually do the school. Hopefully we made some memories worth keeping, even if the school work was dicey that time. What Thanksgiving traditions do you have? 

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