Paul's 13th Birthday

The only thing really alarming about teen aged boys, so far, is how much they eat! So I thought Paul’s request for a hamburger cake to be quite fitting. A friend of ours once described a boy’s teen years as the locust stage, when they eat everything on earth and keep looking for crumbs. At a recent check-up the nurse told Paul he was underweight for his height (he is also tall for his age) and David has reminded me every night since then that Paul needs to have bigger portions so he can catch up. I gather David hopes to benefit from this, too, even though his weight is just fine.

Paul invited three scout friends to celebrate in the pool, and I did my best to fill the boys with the food of Paul’s choice. The menu was:

Asian Burgers on Homemade Buns

Potato Chips


Macaroni and Cheese from the Box


You can see that we suspended the rules of sound nutrition for the birthday party. First of all, there was no green vegetable, even though you see lettuce on the tray. Only the adults ate that. Coke is a controlled substance in our home. But since it was a birthday, and since these cans of coke have been sitting in the garage for over a year, and we never found another reason to drink them, I thought it might be time to let them go. Chips are also a rare sight in these parts, but I got these bags of chips for .45 cents a bag, which seemed like a good enough reason to indulge to me. It probably will never happen again. The macaroni and cheese in the box was a disappointment to me. So much so that I made homemade mac and cheese for dinner last night, to see if anyone would beg for it today, but that didn’t work. What do they put in that powdered cheese that makes it almost addictive? 

The pool provided the main entertainment. I am so thankful for this pool. I didn’t think I wanted one when we moved here, but now I am sure I do. It is refreshing on a hot day, motivating to slow pokes, and entertaining for a wide age range. I took the oldest five to swimming lessons for years before we had a pool, but now that we have our own, Ethan taught himself to swim for free. Hope is not far behind. We ate as soon as the burgers came off the grill, then Paul opened his gifts. 

Grandma and Grandpa Behler sent him two Air Soft guns. I predict that we will soon host an Air Soft Event. 

Grandma Beck was here but somehow managed to evade the camera. She gave Paul some cash and three books from one of his favorite authors, Chuck Black.

Walter gave him a C-130 model.

Austin gave him a book about weapons. I get the impression these boys know Paul pretty well. 

Gabe gave Paul some cash, which is always a thrill to people who do not have a steady source of income. 

David and Grace gave him Twizzlers and Kit-Kats, his favorite candy, though I have never seen him turn away an offer of any kind of candy. I am sure he needs this, so he can catch up on the weight chart. Therapeutic candy. Nurse’s orders. He obviously needs therapy. Look at him. Skin and bones and drooling. 

We gave him a really cool Boy Scout multi-tool, two WWII historical recordings, and combat boots, but I bet we could have given him a bag of sweets and gotten a more excited expression. He was thrilled with everything, but holding most of it in, for some reason. 

Then we all ate the cake and the youngsters hopped back in the pool and burned all those calories right off. So much for that weight chart. 

© Being Fruitful, 2012