Sew Busy

I have managed to carve out some sewing time in the last few months and wanted to show you what we have been up to. I dusted off the sewing machine when Grace kept asking me to help her make a riding skirt, so she could be girly and ride horses at the same time. The search for a riding skirt pattern being fruitless, we picked a very simple skirt pattern instead. It only had one pattern piece and over explained every single step. Grace still cried when she cut out the pattern, but she had no trouble sewing it together. Then she got inspired and decided to hem a bread cloth she has taken about four years to embellish. I had another piece of fabric in my stash that looked like a skirt, so I had Grace make a second one using the same pattern as the first. This time she only sighed and did not cry at all when she cut it out. She made both skirts below. She also did all the snowflake stitches on the gingham. 

I tidied up my sewing closet while she worked and found a half finished night gown that I started making for one of the older girls. I gave up on it because I just could not figure out part of it. I noticed that it was just Hope’s size. Realizing it would be a total waste if I did not make it right this minute, I took another look at the instructions and could not figure out what I had been so confused about several years ago. I think I was pregnant at the time and all my brain cells were overloaded. I whipped it up in one evening. I planned to take two evenings to finish it, but Hope sauntered in, asked what I was doing, and got so excited that it was a nightgown for her, that she would not leave until she could put it on and wear it to bed that same night. My grandma made this same nightie for me and it was my favorite. I am pretty sure the fabric I made it out of came from Grama’s stash, too. 

I was on a roll. I noticed some fabric I bought at least three years ago to make a dress for Grace. Whipped that baby out. Now we were infringing on school time, but I couldn’t think about school. I had my middle ones bring their books upstairs and work on my bedroom floor while I stitched away. 

Someone please call Seamstresses Anonymous. I can’t stop! I made this one next. Still working from my neglected stash of material. I bought this fabric in Colorado and had another plan for it, but Grace already outgrew that plan. This is plan B. 

Then a friend of mine needed help making jammies for her eight children. I have a really fast serger pattern for jammies that I have used since David was a toddler. We spent two weekends, when Mike was camping, cutting and serging. She asked me what that pretty floral fabric was for, and I started thinking I should make this garden apron. It has pockets for eggs or herb snippers. Gardening can be so messy. I really needed another apron for doing my outside chores. 

I have two more dresses for Grace already cut out and waiting for the urge to sew. I cut them out of leftover fabric from matching dresses I made years ago. Soon the little girls will be wearing the old dresses and Grace will still be able to match them. Then I’ll probably take another four year sewing break. Or not. 

© Being Fruitful, 2012