Summer Break

Mike, David, and Paul were away at summer camp last week. While they honed their outdoor skills, the rest of us enjoyed a change of pace by doing all the things we usually don’t have time for. We put away the books and made a list of all we wanted to do in the next two weeks. We went shopping for clothes and found quite a few bargains. All the girls got hair cuts. Here are pics of my hair cut. Not quite like the picture I showed the hairdresser, but it’s OK.

We deep cleaned one room a day, for just 3o minutes, then every day we swooped in, did a quick Team Tidy of the previously cleaned room, because they all begin to deteriorate immediately after cleaning, and moved on to the next room of the day. Grace nearly passed out when she saw this on my list, but when we all work together and the time is limited to 30 minutes it is not so bad. Plus I can really rest if the house is not a crusty, sticky trash pit. I bagged up three garbage bags full of donations for Goodwill!

We have enjoyed the pool every day and only cooked what sounded good to us. When there are no men or teenagers to feed, meal planning can be so simple, on many levels. We did want to make some special food though. Jonathan has been asking to make crepes for at least a year. He found the recipe and asked me if I would make some “creepies”. I have been laughing about creepies ever since, but never put them on the menu until now. Every breakfast has morphed into a tea party. I think we will have to incorporate that into our regular routine! We have had personal pizzas three lunches in a row, tried a few new recipes, and (drumroll) Grace finished her Alphabet Cookbook! She is off the hook for blogging, but not for cooking. 

The little ones built a train track that covered an entire room, Grace began her first sewing project, and we spent a few hours at a local park. (Martha, do you recognize the dress Hope is wearing? It is her favorite dress up dress.)

The guys got back from summer camp late Saturday night, but David and Paul are off to National Leadership Training this week. Our plans are much the same as last week, only now I will have to make a man pleasing dinner a priority, for Mike’s sake. I guess that is for the best, since we have eaten all the cereal and we are tired of pizza. The change of pace has been so refreshing to my spirit. It feels so good to get to the things that hang about the edges of my mind, but I never have time for. The one big thing I want to accomplish this week is to finish the Grand Plan for our next school year. I am only an hour or so away from that goal, just waiting for peace and quiet to get to it. Just wondering, those of you who homeschool, do you take off the whole summer or go year round with breaks interspersed? 

© Being Fruitful, 2012