Time Flying

I have been so busy living, that I have not been able to tell you what we have been doing.  I have not had time to tell you about the field trip we went on to a WWII ship, where the boys blasted cruise ships out of the harbor and we found a pot big enough to cook a toddler in. Hopesie doesn’t appreciate our morbid sense of humor. 

I have neglected to share important family news such as lost teeth and award winning children. 

A Jack-o-lantern smile

Scripture Memory Banquet

You probably didn’t know Chance was taking reading lessons or that we allow him on the couch (and even on our bed) any time he wants. 

We have been cooking, reading, and trying new hairstyles.

A couple of weeks ago a very dear friend, who lives hours away, took me up on my invitation to tea. In fact, she and her husband came for several days. It was wonderful. We spent nearly the whole time talking and I did not take very many pictures. Thankfully Christine took bunches and shared them with me. We did not get any pictures of us together, but because she was the photographer, I have more pictures with me in them than usual. 

We had a lovely time. She asked me not to worry about dusting or making special food, so I didn’t. We ate what we had in the freezer. Thankfully there was something in there. She tagged along with us on our grocery and library trips. Mostly we just sat around and talked. I hardly ever sit down for long, so it was a pleasant rest for me, but exciting to get to see her as well. You see Christine has been seriously ill for months and I have been praying my heart out for her. I was very concerned. Now she is not only well, but I got to see her all put back together again. It was like a gift to me, to see my prayers answered. 

The weekend after that I helped another friend, Cristina, with a tea party at her house. Another friend, Christine (not the same as the other Christine), also helped serve the tea. I got to thinking Christine and I needed organdy aprons for our role as assistant hostesses. I just never had time to look around on the internet or go to the fabric store. Then I remembered I had some vintage organdy curtains in my Can’t Throw It Away Until I Am Sure There Is no Useful Purpose For It Pile. (I need a shorter name for that.) In two hours I had two aprons, perfect for serving tea.

Cristina asked me to decorate sugar cubes with apples for the tea party. Surprisingly, rosebuds are easier to pipe than apples. Maybe apples are less recognizable because you don’t expect to find them on a sugar cube. Maybe if I had made the stems green instead of brown, my children would not have exclaimed, “Eeww! I think a caterpillar has been on every one of these apples!”

We do know what it looks like when a caterpillar has been in the garden, because we have all been earning our green thumbs. But I’ll have to tell you about that later. When I have more time. 

© Being Fruitful, 2012